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Our Company

We are a family owned company established in 2001. We started with a small production line, a dedicated team of seasoned professionals and with a lot enthusiasm. Through our commitment to quality, reliability, constant innovation and our unique way of working closely with our customers, we grew into the middle-size factory that we are today. We are now using only state of the art machinery and the best materials available on the market.

We are offering a wide range of high-quality packaging solutions produced mostly from PE, PP and PET. All our products meet the standards and norms laid out by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic and by the European Union. Our designs and products are suitable for household chemicals, all types of industrial chemicals, cosmetics and food related products.
You can either choose from the wide range of our own original designs or we will offer full assistance in coming up with a new original design tailored to meet the characteristics of your products.

Whether you decide for our designs or for your own, we are committed to ensure that your packaging will be modern, functional, of the highest quality and at the most competitive price. By our care for fresh designs and quality of execution we are bound to establish a win-win relationship with you and a long-lasting partnership. Please note that our original products can be easily recognized by the logo imprint           on the bottom of each item.

By keeping our company a family business we wish to preserve the friendly environment and the close cooperation that we are known to establish and develop with all of our clients. We believe that the plastic industry can – and should – be brought in tune with the latest trends in the industrial design of the 21st century.





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