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For all our packaging products we are using state of the art machinery while our experienced team is taking utmost care for detail and quality of execution. As an adaptive company we are now producing not only from original granules of PE, PP, PET or Polystyrene, but also from their recycled versions suitable for colored packaging.


As we offer a wide variety of designs and colors, our team is ready to meet all your specific requirements, to the highest degree possible, while providing free consultation services. The majority of our bottles can be produced in different finishes and – upon request – the threaded inserts can be changed and adapted to different closures. All of our products are handled with professional care as we are performing constant quality check-ups throughout the whole production process.


All our packaging solutions are made from health-safe materials suitable for food or drug applications and they fully meet the standards set out in the Act No. 258/2000 Coll. of the Ministry of Environment and the Decree No. 38/2001 Coll. of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic same as general regulations of the European Union. However, please note that not all bottles – especially plastic bottles – are compatible with all chemical ingredients and therefore we advice you to consult with us and test your product in the bottles prior to the actual order and subsequent use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a packaging component that is not listed below as many other items are available on request.


All closures listed below are produced directly by us. All closure models may be adjusted to any type of bottle chosen from our selection, while their interiors will be adapted to fit your specific requirements. In case you look for a different style or type, please contact us as we are able to provide a large variety of closures either from our own production design or from our trusted subcontractors. 

Custom made

As your full satisfaction is our top priority, we are able to adapt to any of your needs and ideas by consulting with you until we find the best solution for your products – its design, color, material, execution etc.

Our collaborations – either with new or existing customers – are conducted in full confidentiality while exclusivity for the final product depends on the agreed share of expenses for the respective molds. If you wish to retain full exclusivity of the bottle’s design and production, we will require 100% mold making coverage from you. In any other cases we will reserve the right to offer the respective products to any other customer upon demand. However, exceptions and agreements may be made upon prior consultation.

All of our designs are made and presented in 3D with the constant consultation of our clients. After your final approval, the technical documentation along with mold production will take between 2 and 3 months (of course, depending on the complexity of the order).

If you have not found what you are looking for among our products portfolio or you need any further clarification or consultation, please contact us at any time and we will be always happy to assist you.




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